Cass Information Systems
Internet Reporting Services
General Browser Software Recommendations

The Internet Reporting Services web site is designed for use with the most popular and up to date browser software. Although it is not required, it is recommended you stay up to date with the most recent release of their browser software. However, in order to ensure full access to the Internet Reporting Services web site, users are required to have one of the browser versions listed below:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 10 or 11 ( Compatibility Mode )
  • Cookies, Javascript, and ActiveX components must be enabled
  • Microsoft Silverlight version 5.0 or higher

  • PC Recommendations

  • Operating System - Microsoft Windows 7 or higher (Macintosh NOT supported)
  • Memory (RAM) - 4GB or higher
  • Processor (CPU) - Dual Core or Higher

  • Video Resolution Recommendations

    The Internet Reporting Services web site is designed for use at 800 by 600 pixels of screen resolution or greater. However, a resolution of 1024 by 768 or greater is recommended for optimum viewing efficiency. While there are no specific requirements for color depth, 8 bits per pixel (bpp) (256 colors) is the recommended minimum, with 14 bpp (16,384 colors) or more being preferred. If you are unsure of your resolution and color depth, you may need to contact your local support organization.

    Connectivity Recommendations

    The Internet Reporting Services web site is available through the public Internet at Connectivity to the Internet is provided by your local Internet Service Provider (ISP). While there are no rigid requirements for the connection speed of this connectivity, a broadband connection should be considered the minimum speed at which the system can perform adequately. It is highly recommended that a digital connection of 300Kbps or more is used for optimum performance. Users of the Freight Bill Authorization system may require an even faster connection due to the use of imaging technology in this portion of the system.

    Security Information

    Connections to the Internet Reporting Services web site are established with 128-bit encryption through the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. This ensures that your confidential data remains confidential. Look for the padlock symbol in the status bar of your browser, and the presence of the https: at the beginning of our Internet address. To ensure the proper use of this security feature, please review the specifications for your browser software or consult the provider of the browser software for details regarding the security features provided with the software.

    Any questions regarding the above Recommendations should be directed to your Cass Client Relations Representative.