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Invoice Upload Modifications
Effective Immediately:

  • Cosmetic Enhancements

  •    Search Engine (search by suffix # or name)

  • Size Limit - PDF and Tif Documents
    cannot exceed 20 MB (megabytes) per image

  • Total Upload Size of all images cannot exceed 65 MB (megabytes) in one grouping

  • No Colored Pages (scan in black and white only)

  • Recommended Scanner Resolution of 300 x 300 (no higher)

  • Internet Explorer Versions 8-9 supported only

Wildcard (%) Inquiry Search Option

Use a wildcard (%) to search for multiple invoices – 123% (all invoices beginning with 123 will be displayed). Contact Payment Services at 314-506-5959 for additional assistance.

Expedited Payments for North American Carriers

Expedite is an accelerated freight bill payment plan for North American carriers.
For more information and rate quote, contact us at

Why Mail Invoices When You Can Instantly Upload Them?

Still sending invoices via snail mail? Try our online invoice upload tool and avoid the delay. As long as you can convert invoice documents to .pdf or .tif, you’ll be up and running in no time. Contact Cass Payment Services at or 314-506-5959 to get started.


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